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Terms and Conditions

Pricing Inquiries:  Please contact our dedicated Customer Service Department for all pricing inquiries to ensure that you are quoted the accurate price. 


Payment Terms: All accounts may choose to apply for Standard Open Credit or handle open balances withCredit Card.  Standard Open Credit Payment terms are net 30 days.  Please submit a credit application to apply for open credit. 


Late Payments: A 1.5% Finance Charge per month will be added to any Unpaid Invoice older than 30 days. Should any unpaid, late invoices be sent to Collections, Collections fees will be added on to the invoices and the customer will be responsible for that charge.


Claims: Any claims for Shortages, Damages, or Defective product must be placed with 24 hours of Receipt of Goods. 


Special Orders:  All Special Orders/Custom Quantity Orders are subject to a $8.95 Handling Charge.